Ela Amarie

Ela Amarie
Dufourstrasse 121
8008 Zurich Tel +41 (0) 79 727 8397 ela.amarie@themindfulbrain.net www.themindfulbrain.net



I teach courses and retreats Mainly in Zurich and Basel, in English. I teach MBSR programs but so other workshops and short courses. 

MBSR Zurich January 2017:

11th of January - 8th of March. Retreat day: 28th of January

MBSR Zurich March 2017

15th of March - 10th of May. Retread day: 29th of April

MBSR  Basel January 2017

16th of January - 13th of March. Retreat day: 12th of February

MBSR Basel March 2017
20th of March - 15th of May. Retreat day: 7th of May



Details and registration: www.themindfulbrain.net

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